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Background Reading

Making Sense of Media (Ofcom)

Children and parents: media use and attitudes report 2023 (Ofcom)

Children’s Media Lives 2023 (Ofcom)

Young people’s online engagement and mental health: the role of digital skills (ySKILLS Research, 2022)

Listening to experts: Mental health and media literacy (Ofcom)

Nominet Digital Youth Index Report 2023

Digital Inclusion Resources

The Digital Divide (Good Things Foundation)

The National Digital Inclusion Network (Good Things Foundation)

The National Device Bank (Good Things Foundation)

National Databank (Good Things Foundation)

Social tariffs: Cheaper broadband and phone packages (Ofcom)

Social Tariffs Toolkit

How access to a device builds confidence and develops skills (Good Things Foundation)

How data and devices are breaking down barriers for marginalised women (Good Things Foundation)

Dealing with Bullying

Dealing with Bullying – Childline

More Advice on Bullying – Childline

Free Courses from the Anti-Bullying Alliance


When Did We Start Trusting Strangers Research

Digital Inequalities 

Professor Ellen Helsper discusses Digital Inequalities

Digital Skills

Download for DigComp 2.2 – The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens

The youth Digital Skills Performance Test Results: Report on the results of real-life information navigation and processing, communication and interaction, and content creation and production skills tasks

National Careers Service Digital Skills Training

Good Things Foundation Learn My Way Resources

BBC Own It

Staying Secure Online

Top Tips for Staying Secure Online

Privacy and Young People’s Rights

5 Rights Foundation – Know Your Rights

LSE – My Data and Privacy Online

Professional Resources

SWGFL Social Media App Checklists

SWGFL Helplines Supporting Adults & Young People

Intimate Image Abuse (Stop Non-Consensual Intimate Image Abuse)

Take It Down

Thorn Sextortion Support

Technology Assisted Child Sexual Abuse

The Marie Collins Foundation Resources




Questions to Ask Young People

Talking to Children and Young People About Their Social Media Engagement – Questions to Ask

stem4 Website:

How to Help Young People After a Violent Incident

stem4 Digital Blogs

Happiness of girls and young women at record low
Social Media Algorithms managing online success
Tips on how to navigate social media when feeling low
Trauma and loss in the digital age
Stop sensationalising mental health, its sending the wrong message to young people
Self care tips in a digital world
How to take control of your time online
How to understand social media algorithms
How to feel happier and more confident online
Being kind online
Staying resilient on social media

What a young person can do if they are being cyberbullied

stem4 Podcast

stem4 podcast for GPs, Health Professionals, parents and carers. Our podcast ‘Understanding Teen Minds’ draws on the extensive knowledge and experience of stem4 founder, Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nihara Krause.

Along with the evidence-based resources and apps provided by stem4, we hope our podcast will be a useful tool and support for health and education professionals, parents, and young people alike.