Media Literacy & Mental Health Training

Empowering young people through digital inclusion and media literacy

Imagine achieving success in your adult life if you have struggled to read, write and develop maths skills. Being ‘literate’ opens up a world of opportunities, and improves life chances.

Scroll forward to today, and being able to navigate the digital world, and have media literacy skills to support that, is creating opportunities to reduce inequalities and empower young people. But they cannot do it all themselves; they need trusted adults to help them develop skills and support them with the challenges that come with the online world.

For those with mental health difficulties, those challenges can feel even greater.

stem4 has been awarded a prestigious contract by Ofcom, to offer media literacy training for those working in healthcare, social care and the youth sector so that they can better support young people in getting the most from the online world, and avoid the harms.

Led by Consultant Clinical Psychologist and innovator, Dr Nihara Krause MBE and Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and online harms expert, Dr Richard Graham, this media literacy training will be unparalleled in its depth understanding of development and mental health.

Delivered over 5, free, 60-minute online webinars in November 2023, it will equip attendees with foundation knowledge of media literacy, and how to promote digital inclusion and the development of digital skills in young people.

Together we can advance equality and use technology for good.


To receive your certificate of completion for this course, you will be required to attend each of the four webinar sessions (either live or on the catchup recordings that will be made available after each session) and complete the pre- and post-training surveys.

In addition to the above, those who attend one of the two Shared-Learning events in January will receive further certification.