About this course

The aim of the course is to meet health and social care professionals and youth workers’ growing need for guidance and support to enhance their digital literacy. There is a need for them to learn how there is a negative, circular relationship between online harms and mental health, to help them strengthen a young person’s wellbeing and boost digital resilience. The course will provide an opportunity for health and social care professionals and youth workers to assess their current knowledge and strengths and any gaps in their digital competence. 

The course aims to follow the European Framework of DigComp and professionals will be able to test their digital skills and view their results using the Digital Skills Assessment Scale.  This framework indicates that digital competencies should be developed across several domains, though the training will focus on the Information and Data Literacy and Communication and Collaboration competencies. As the focus of the training is also on vulnerable users or those with mental health challenges, the DigComp Safety competencies will also be highlighted. The final follow-up session provides feedback to guide health and social care professionals and youth workers in reaching the next level of their digital competence.


To receive your certificate of completion for this course, you will be required to attend either the live or the on-demand catchup recordings and complete the post-course survey.

This course is CPD accredited.

Who is this course for?

This course will benefit mental health and social care and youth workers:

  • Who want to develop confidence online by being informed of how to negotiate the digital world including an awareness of online harms.
  • Who want to learn more about digital skills and competencies.
  • To acquire knowledge and better measurement of digital skills.
  • To learn about how digital skills and competencies can be impacted by factors associated with social adversity and mental ill health.
  • To get to know about young people’s diverse digital experiences and how these vary based on their developmental level.
  • To have evidence-based predictions on the complex impact of ICT use and digital skills on young people’s mental health.
  • To understand how at-risk individuals (mental health, ethnic or cultural, social economic, gender) can benefit from online opportunities despite their potential risk factors.
  • To promote digital skills and well-being within their practice.
  • To support professional learning activities with peers and in furthering their digital skills and media literacy.
  • To support others who might be involved in vulnerable individual’s lives (for example, parents and carers) by helping them further their digital skills and media literacy.
  • To understand the concept of digital resilience and to help build this through the competency framework.


stem4 is offering two Media Literacy and Mental Health courses (one with catch up webinar recordings and one with a live webinar to attend), both of which cover the same content and are free to attend for a limited period. These courses will equip attendees with foundation knowledge of media literacy, and how to promote digital inclusion and the development of digital skills in young people and include:

  • Media literacy, digital inclusion, and online safety; their role in good mental health
  • The challenge of finding online support and information for health
  • Opinions, influencers and the social pressures of the online world
  • The importance of digital skills in reducing inequalities

Media Literacy and Mental Health – webinars on demand

Watch recordings of four 60-minute online webinars that were delivered by stem4 in November 2023. If you missed any of the live webinars or would like to do the course in your own time, then this is the course for you.

There will also be a live Shared Learning event on Thursday 1 February 2024 7pm-8pm during which attendees will be able to share their experience of putting the material covered in the training into practice.

Due to popular demand and Ofcom approval, we have 90 free places available, and the course is available until September.

Media Literacy and Mental Health – lightning half-day training webinar

Attend a half-day training course via live webinar on Thursday 1st February 2024 from 9am – 1pm. This will be a repeat of the four 60-minute online webinars that were delivered by stem4 in November 2023, delivered in an intense half-day live webinar all in one interactive session.

There will also be a live Shared Learning event (date TBC) during which attendees will be able to share their experience of putting the material covered in the training into practice.