Media Literacy & Mental Health Training

Empowering young people through digital inclusion and media literacy


Click here to access the free, 90-minute introductory session for stem4‘s Online Safety First Aid™ training,
aimed at empowering professionals to promote positive mental health in young people in a digital age

Learn how to protect young people from the impact of social media and the spread of misinformation by joining us for our CPD certified Media Literacy and Mental Health Training. To help professionals stay one step ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape, this course provides useful tools to help assess and reduce the impact of online harms. 

Run by Dr Nihara Krause MBE, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Dr Richard Graham, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, sign up below to complete the training ‘on demand’ and watch the videos in your own time.

stem4 has been awarded a prestigious contract by Ofcom, to offer media literacy training for those working in healthcare, social care and the youth sector so that they can better support young people in getting the most from the online world, and avoid the harms.

  • Media literacy, digital inclusion, and online safety; their role in good mental health
  • The challenge of finding online support and information for health
  • Opinions, influencers and the social pressures of the online world
  • The importance of digital skills in reducing inequalities
  • A Shared Learning event during which attendees will be able to share their experience of putting the material covered in the training into practice

Media Literacy and Mental Health – webinars on demand

Watch recordings of four 60-minute online webinars that were delivered by stem4 in November 2023 and February 2024. If you missed any of the live webinars or would like to do the course in your own time, then this is the course for you.

Due to popular demand and Ofcom approval, we have 90 free places available, and the course is available until September.


To receive your certificate of completion for this course, you will be required to attend either the live or the on-demand catchup recordings and complete the post-course survey.

This course is CPD accredited.

93% of trainees would recommend this training, here’s why:

“I feel more confident in talking to young people about the benefits and harms of social media following this course. I also have a better understanding of things such as algorithms and issues around digital inequality”

“The sessions have been fantastic. Feeling quite confident in the media world myself and thinking that I understood a lot of the pitfalls and risks; this has really helped me to update my knowledge and ensure that I am aware of the current needs and challenges. So informative and lots to think about and put into my practice supporting individuals”.

“It was really engaging and accessible – all levels of digital ability can find the training useful”

“[Following the training] I am not afraid to have conversations with pupils about their social media habits and how these are likely to have an effect on their mental health”

“The webinars were very informative and well-paced. The speakers were both excellent and extremely knowledgable”

“Thought-provoking and important given the significance of social media in the lives of young people”

“There were some great examples here to share with my colleagues and support us to adapt the way we approach supporting others”

“Every aspect of the course has helped build my confidence in talking with young people about their digital lives”

Social Media Pack

We don’t want young people to feel alone in the challenges they face online and want as many professionals to learn from mental health experts how to talk to young people about their online lives. To spread the word about this training, especially while it is free, we have created a social media pack you can download to say you have completed the “Media Literacy & Mental Health” training and also a social media pack to say you have attended the “Intro to Online Safety First Aid”.  Add your company logo or post as an individual to your network.

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I/We have completed @stem4org ‘s Media Literacy and Mental Health training. I/We are looking forward to using the knowledge and tools gained in this training to help promote positive mental health in young media in a digital age. There are some free places available, and the course is available until September, you can complete it on demand at